• Q:

    What is Fresh?

    Fresh is a completely new, oral care platform that reimagines the at-home oral care experience. Fresh deep-cleans between your teeth and below your gumline in only 7 seconds. When paired with Fresh Mint power rinse, you can enjoy the confidence of having your freshest, healthiest breath every time you use it.

  • Q:

    How does Fresh work?

    Fresh uses advanced 3D printing technology to precisely place up to 60 pressurized jets in your mouth. These specialized jets quickly and effectively deep clean between your teeth and below your gumline in only 7 seconds.

  • Q:

    Will Fresh work for me?

    Most everyone will benefit from using Fresh daily. Because each mouthpiece is custom fit, it is recommended for teens and adults with stable teeth.

  • Q:

    Can I share my Fresh system with other family members?

    Yes. The Fresh oral care system enables you to easily switch mouthpieces.

  • Q:

    When can I purchase Fresh and how much will it cost?

    Our initial special pre-order offer has sold out. Be sure to reserve now so you receive the latest Fresh updates and get notified when our next ordering window opens. The latest price will be announced once we start taking new orders.

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